Professional service to provide the Russian Federation Health organizations with high efficiency hospital drugs and modern medical equipment for providing high quality treatment schemes

7 ownership, 1 section, village Razvilka, Moscow region
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Sales Departments

Moscow Sales Department serves about 200 medical bodies in Moscow and Moscow region. The company constant customers include both large hospitals and medium-sized specialized and multiple-profile hospitals and medical centers.

Central Russia, Moscow region, Siberian and Far East federal districts, Southern federal district, Privolzhsk federal district and North-West federal district sales departments provide regional hospitals with high efficiency medication of hospital profile. In order to approach the consumer and improve the provided services quality the company has created actively working affiliates in Tula and Yaroslavl, Ural, Siberia, South of Russia, Saint Petersburg and also the regional representatives in Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, Adygeia, in Kursk, Surgut, Orenburg, Volgograd, Astrakhan regions and Far East. Due to individual approach to each client taking into account the region economical features and the medical body specialization the client base is growing every year in the regions.

Supply Department

The Department is engaged in licensing of the drugs imported under the direct contracts with foreign pharmaceutical producers licensing and is also responsible for all customs formalities connected with those drugs. The efficient and coordinated work between company\'s Supply Department employees and Sales departments managers, the range special selection based on the customers needs, close cooperation with the largest producers, the presence of direct contracts on medication supplies -  all these allow efficiently react to the medical bodies scheduled and emergency needs.

Drugstore Warehouse

Accredited Warehouses with the area of about 950 sq. m are equipped with refrigerators, conditioners, electric appliances measuring the air temperature and humidity which allows storing the medications which range makes more than 1000 units according to all requirements of The Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation.

Information and Analytics Department

The Department is constantly monitoring the pharmaceutical market condition, analyzing competitors activity, forecasts the future sales volumes taking into account the market development tendencies and changing forecasts. It also composes reports on sales, purchases and reports for producers. The Department structure also includes the tender group which prepares all the necessary documents and provides Joint Stock Company "Firm EUROSERVICE" successful participation in open tenders on drugs carried out by the Russian Federation state bodies.

Business Development Department

Business Development Department was created in 2005 in order to get exclusive rights on hospital drugs presenting in Russia and their promotion in the Russian market. The Department promotes new drugs and medical equipment. It also provides the company advertisement participation at the exhibitions and conferences and in mass media.

Warehouse Documentation and Certification Department

The Department prints and composes document packages for each order and provides all the necessary certificates on the supplied drugs.

Financial Department

The Department includes the accounting department, financial division and pay desk. The department accounts the company activity results and is engaged in financial and tax planning.

Personnel Management Department

One of essential principal of company\'s activity is the quality of granted services therefore the Department main task is to select qualified energetic personnel and organize the personnel documents turnover. The personnel policy is directed on each employee professional growth encouragement. The company carries out trainings with experienced experts participation as well seminars and presentations with participation of western companies representatives in order to get acquainted with the latest developments in the field of health. The company\'s good tradition is the organization of corporate celebrations and sports activities.

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