Professional service to provide the Russian Federation Health organizations with high efficiency hospital drugs and modern medical equipment for providing high quality treatment schemes

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Omnipharm is a pharmacy chain of high tech medicines

Omnipharm offers its customers a wide range of high tech medicines, modern medical consumables and relevant pharmaceutical information. Our customers for us are, first of all, people who need to be understood and protected. That is why we launched this project that has been a success during three years.

Customers choose Omnipharm as this pharmacy chain has moderate prices and at the same time high standards of services. Highly trained specialists work in Omnipharm. They are always ready to help you to choose a medicinal product and to say what dose you need. They also quickly organize home or office deliveries. The range of Omnipharm has various groups of pharmaceutical products that are used in oncology, hematology, cardiology, rheumatology, immunology, anesthesiology, critical care medicine, psychiatry and assisted reproductive techniques. We represent leading international and Russian manufacturers of clinical nutrition and we can offer more than 200 products for parenteral nutrition (aminoacids, combined aminoacids, fat emulsions, including Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and microelements) and enteral nutrition (tube feeding including specific nutrition for patients with ALV, enteral nutrition for children, specific nutrition for phenylketonuria patients (metabolic drugs and Loprofin, low-protein products)) and also ¬special devices and pumps for enteral nutrition. Altogether, we have more than 700 medicinal drugs of leading pharmaceutical manufacturers and we have quality documents for every package.

Nowadays there are many treatment schedules for various diseases. Every day specialists discover something interesting, thanks to them new drug classes are used and new treatment schedules are developed. Unfortunately, the majority of scientific studies are on the websites of copyright holders and that is why patients and their relatives do not always have access to this information. We collect relevant information on the existing treatment schedules and post it on the website This website has a good interface and there is lots of accessible information on it. When making an order on the website, you can choose a delivery method. You can order medicinal drugs from different districts of Russia and that is a great advantage. Thanks to the extensive network of pharmacies in the regions, we accept an order, then we redirect it to the necessary pharmacy and then our specialist immediately calls you to discuss the time of the delivery.

We give special attention to the right way of transferring medicinal drugs. When delivering medications, our couriers and drivers comply with all rules of the cold chain. Every day they control the change of cold packs for the temperature maintenance in thermal containers and thermal bags.

Thanks to direct deliveries and to the close cooperation with manufacturers we guarantee the quality of our medicinal drugs and responsiveness of our services. We also often propose various special offers and exclusive delivery conditions throughout Russia.

Thousands of people who need to be treated with qualitative high tech medicines rely on Omnipharm every day! We believe that Omnipharm can help you and your relatives! Make orders on our website and stay with us! You can find information on special offers on the homepage of the website.

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