Professional service to provide the Russian Federation Health organizations with high efficiency hospital drugs and modern medical equipment for providing high quality treatment schemes

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Product range

We are accomplishing the goal of providing the hospital sector in the pharmaceutical market with medicines and medical devices. We can offer our customers more than 2000 modern highly efficient medicinal products of the main hospital groups and medical devices. It has been proved that all medicinal products that we offer are clinically effective, safe and can be tolerated.

Main pharmacological classes of medicinal products:

  • antitumor drugs
  • antiviral and immunostimulating agents
  • chemotherapeutic agents
  • agents that influence hematopoiesis
  • diagnostic agents
  • hormones, agents that influence the endocrine system
  • anesthetics
  • medical devices
  • agents that influence the blood
  • artificial plasma extenders and infusion solutions
  • muscle relaxants and anticholinesterase agents
  • drugs for enteral nutrition and parenteral nutrition
  • psychoactive drugs
  • immunosuppressive agents
  • agents that regulate metabolic processes
  • drugs that influence the vascular system
  • respiratory drugs
  • soporific drugs
  • detoxicants including
  • antidotes
  • drugs for treating the diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
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